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Heather is in her early forties, her husband recently died in a farming accident. Heather’s brother-in-law worked the farm with her husband, and he has taken over the running of the farm. Heather’s husband would have completed the paperwork and records for the farm. Heather is feeling very overwhelmed by the paperwork and is feeling very low and lonely and is not coping with the loss of her husband. Her own personal finances are suffering as she could no longer cope with a full-time job off farm. Christmas is approaching and she doesn’t have any money to buy her children presents.

What did Rural Support do?

  • A farm business mentor met with Heather to provide guidance around paperwork, record keeping and also to work through options for the farm business and family finance moving forward.   
  • The farm business mentor helped Heather to complete a Rural Support Emergency Fund application. These monies will go towards alleviating some of her immediate financial problems linked to the sudden death of her husband and will ensure the children receive presents on Christmas morning. 
  • A counselling mentor with specialism in trauma and bereavement worked with Heather to deal with her feelings surrounding the loss of her husband through the Life Beyond Programme. 
  • Heather was referred to Make the Call and Advice NI to ensure that she was receiving all benefits she was entitled to. 

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