Farm Business & Finance

Managing your farm business is about much more than looking after your livestock. It takes a mix of practical, financial, and managerial skills to ensure your business is secure and generating the profits your family needs to thrive. With careful planning you can create the work-life balance that you and your family deserve.

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Running a farm business in the absence of a sound business plan can put additional stress on the farmer and the family in general. Through Rural Support, you can access farm business mentors from a technical and financial background who will help you to work out your options in a confidential and non-judgmental way. By taking time to consider these options together you will be able to identify the best way forward for your family and farm business.

Animal Health & Welfare

Research has found that there is a relationship between the health of animals and the health of the farmer. Good animal welfare and good herd health means less stress on the farmer. Equally, when a farmer is stressed, research has found that animal health may suffer.   There are practical steps and supports farmers can avail…

Business Planning

When it comes to farm business planning, defining and reviewing personal and business goals is essential when planning for the future. Often farmers have an idea of how they want their business to develop but may lack the necessary skills to make it happen. A farm business plan will put your objectives in place and sets achievable timelines to work…

Environmental Issues

Farmers take pride in how they care for the environment and surrounding nature. This, however, is becoming an area of increased focus within government policy which can make things more difficult due to tighter regulations for agriculture. Areas such as nitrates management impacts all sectors with financial implications for non-compliance, so it is essential to…

Government Regulations

It is only natural to have concerns about Government Regulations and the implications of non-compliance. This can have a significant impact on your mental health and personal wellbeing and so it is vitally important to keep up to date with changes to requirements, so you have all the information you need to make the right…

Managing the Farm Finances

The financial performance of a farm is a key indicator of how well the farm is operating. It’s vitally important to know the financial position for your farm business and it’s only when you regularly review and manage financial reports that you are in a true position to plan for the future. As a starting…


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