Crisis Planning

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Crisis Planning

Unfortunately crises can happen, and most will be outside of our control. These may include things like disease outbreaks, bereavement, illness, but some may also occur because action wasn’t taken sooner. To get ahead, it is important that we develop skills to identify these challenges at an early stage and are prepared both physically and mentally to deal with them when they arise.

Here at Rural Support we  connect with families who are in need of support and provide up to date and readily available assistance and resources relating to health and wellbeing, farm business and personal and future planning for all farming families through our programmes and services such as: 

All of our volunteers and Farm Business Mentors are from a farming background and are trained in Mental Health First Aid as well as Trauma Training, so that they have the necessary skills and abilities to deal with the challenges and issues they may face in a confidential and non-judgemental manner. 

If you are experiencing worries and challenges in relation to your farm business and unsure what to do, call our free confidential support line on 0800 138 1678; and we will help seek the best options available for you and your farm business.


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