Emotional Health

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Emotional Health

As well as our physical health, it is equally important that we look after our emotional health. Emotional health is about:  

  • building resilience so that we can deal with the life’s challenges, helping to achieve life balance and peace. 
  • how we think and feel about things. 
  • our sense of wellbeing and our ability to cope with life events and  
  • how we acknowledge our own emotions and feelings as well as those of others.  

Some days might be harder than others but if we can work to keep ourselves somewhere in the middle of the feelings spectrum, achieving balance and happiness becomes possible.  

Our Coping with the Pressures of Farming programme provides guidance and support with the specific aim of helping participants identify stress points, both in themselves and others, and learn how to deal with them. The programme focuses on how to recognise the symptoms of excessive stress, exploring ways to build resilience and develop strong mental fitness. 

Our Reviving Rural project supports farmers and farming family members to improve their mental well-being and develop new skills and knowledge which is a vital part of running a successful and sustainable farm enterprise. The project will also expand the breadth of support already offered by Rural Support through its farm business mentoring programme.

Youth Mental Health – Farming over recent years has changed dramatically and therefore has had a deep impact on our younger farmers who are also trying to keep up with growing demands and pressures in their personal lives such as school, relationships and even family dynamics. Rural Support have witnessed an increase in calls to our support line from the younger generation and we have been able to provide emotional, technical & practical support through a difficult and challenging time. We want to ensure that the next generation feels connected and supported as they move through farming life and beyond. 

Other sources of support:  

If you are feeling low and would like some support to deal with emotional challenges within your life, please call our free confidential support line on 0800 138 1678; where one of our friendly team members, who understand about the pressures of farming and being part of a farming family, are ready to listen. 


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