Life Stage Planning

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Life Stage Planning

Establishing a Farm Family Progression Plan, specific to your own family and farm business will clearly set out individual and collective visions and help everyone establish a clear path to achieve their goals.

Defining and reviewing your farm business goals are essential in planning for the future. Often farmers have an idea of how they want their business to develop and progress but may lack the necessary management and planning skills. 

For desired changes to occur, it is vital to plan effectively. A Farm Family Progression Plan ensures your new objectives are in place and sets an achievable timetable to work to; and with regular reviews, can help you cope with unforeseen problems and make necessary adjustments accordingly. 

This effective plan will help you assess what is important for you, what you may need to focus on to take your business forward, and the financial implementations that may affect your plans. You will be given a Farm Business Mentor to work with you and guide you through the progress. Planning for the future is not a solo task and therefore all members of the farming family should be involved. 

If you and your farm family would like support with your future goals and ideas then call our free confidential support line on 0800 136 1678; we would be happy to guide you along this journey.  


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