Andrew and Beth

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Andrew and Beth

Andrew is in his late sixties and farms full time, managing a large dairy herd.  He has three children, all of whom work off-farm and have no interest in farming.  Andrew’s health is starting to deteriorate, and he is finding it more difficult to manage the farm and carry out the heavy manual labour required.  He has been thinking more about retiring but is finding it difficult to make a decision regarding the future of the farm business.  The farm has been in Andrew’s family for several generations and so he feels a real attachment to the land.  His wife, Beth, is also concerned at the level of work and stress which Andrew is under and would very much like them to be able to enjoy their later years.   

What did Rural Support do?

  • One of our farm business mentors went to see Andrew and Beth at home. They discussed with them the options they had for the farm business.  We highlighted the importance of seeking financial and legal advice for the options discussed.
  • We encouraged them to have an open and honest discussion with their children regarding the workload and stress which Andrew is under and also their concerns for the future of the farm business and the potential options identified.
  • We also stressed the importance of having a succession plan in place and the steps needed to do so.
  • We discussed with Andrew how stress was affecting his health and wellbeing and encouraged him to seek support from his GP.  We also discussed other ways of how he could reduce his stress.
  • Following the outcome of family discussions and professional advice the mentor revisited Andrew and Beth and helped them set out their plan ensuring all aspects were covered.

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