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Physical Health

Whilst farmers are renowned for the attention they give to their livestock, crops and machinery, they often do not have such a great track record when it comes to taking care of themselves and their wellbeing.  

We believe that farmers are the most important asset on a farm, but many are reluctant to visit the GP for any number of reasons. However, it is not only important to make our physical health a priority, but also an absolute essential if we want to build a strong farm business and live a long and healthy life.  

Many of us know this at some level but where do we start? 

A good place is checking out the Protect the Asset that is You campaign which was developed by the Farm Family Health Checks (FFHC) in partnership with Rural Support. It provides a series of online health videos designed to help improve the health and wellbeing of farmers and farming families through important health messages. Topics include:

If you have concerns about your health or the health of a family member please get in touch with our confidential support line on 0800 138 1678. 


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