Social Connections

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Social Connections

Feeling connected to your peers and wider community has positive benefits for our health and wellbeing. Making time for maintaining social connections at all stages of farming life will help you meet challenges and demands while feeling a sense of enjoyment in life.

Agriculture involves communities of farm families who live and work cooperatively alongside each other, often for generations. Involvement with others and maintaining good neighbourly relationships are hugely important for wellbeing and protecting social connections. 

Plough On Programme  Aims to tackle rural isolation and increase social opportunities for older farmers across Northern Ireland. The Plough On project provides a tangible and practical way to support those older farmers and aims to bring them together with like-minded people, helping them to develop new networks and knowledge. The focus will be on improving health and wellbeing through social inclusion, encouraging individuals to get and stay well both physically and emotionally. Project groups will be established in rural communities throughout Northern Ireland and each group will have the opportunity to get involved with the design and delivery of activities that they want. 

If you would like more information on this programme please contact the Plough On team on 028 8676 0040 or email

Where can I find out more about Social Connections?  

  • Ulster Farmers’ Union Tel: 028 9037 0222  
  • NI Agricultural Producers’ Association Tel: 028 8676 5700  
  • Young Farmers’ Clubs of Ulster Tel: 028 9037 0713 
  • CAFRE Business Development Groups email or Tel: 028 9442 6790 

Your local Rural Community Network organisation:  

  • North Antrim Community Network Limited (NACN) Tel: 028 2177 2100  
  • Rural Area Partnership in Derry Limited (RAPID) Tel: 028 7133 7149  
  • The Antrim Down and Armagh Rural Support Network Ltd NI (TADA) Tel: 028 3839 8888  
  • Cookstown and Western Shores Area Network (CWSAN) Tel: 028 8773 8845  
  • Community Organisation of South Tyrone and Area (COSTA) Tel: 028 8555 6880  
  • County Down Rural Community Network (CDRCN) Tel: 028 4461 2311  
  • Omagh Forum for Rural Associations (OFRA) Tel: 028 8225 1559  
  • Fermanagh Rural Community Network Tel: 028 6632 7006  
  • Men’s Sheds – Offer a social space for men of all ages to engage in meaningful leisure activities, whilst chatting to other men from their locality Tel: 028 9074 9494 

Rural Support’s Support Line 0800 138 1678 is available if you are feeling low and would like some support – one of our friendly staff or volunteers is ready to listen. 


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