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Family & Personal Relationships

Connection with other people is vital to maintaining good health and wellbeing. Focusing time and effort on relationships with family members and friends in order to build stronger connections creates balance and makes life interesting. 

Relationships on family farms are unique with the focus often moving between farm and family dynamics. Siblings, parents and extended family members – whether through relationships, marriage or blood – often are part of a collective effort in managing the farm business. 

This alongside navigating other relationships including friends, school or college and other work as well, can bring challenges and there is no doubt being part of a farming family can be complicated. This may also present financial implications such as university tuition and childcare costs to name but a few.

The impact of a farming-related accident or death of a parent, member of the immediate family or a friend can negatively effect the farm family as well as the farm business. If you would like support with this please visit our Life Beyond page which provides bereavement support for farming families across Northern Ireland who has experienced loss through farm accident, suicide, unexpected or expected death

Rural Support can walk with you and your family to help open those communication networks and engage in meaningful conversation that will help you and your family find the best way forward together.  As each member of the family takes care of their individual duties, both the family and the farm benefits and both become a stronger and more resilient unit as a result. 

Call our free confidential Support Line today on 0800 138 1678 and let’s find a way forward together. 


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