Environmental Issues

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Environmental Issues

Farmers take pride in how they care for the environment and surrounding nature. This, however, is becoming an area of increased focus within government policy which can make things more difficult due to tighter regulations for agriculture. Areas such as nitrates management impacts all sectors with financial implications for non-compliance, so it is essential to comply with all environmental regulations in an area of rapid change. 

With an increasing focus on caring for our environment and obligations under climate change legislation this will be an important consideration for farmers moving forward. Major changes include tackling ammonia emissions, protecting habitats and improving water quality and farmers will have a key role to play. 

There are many factors which can have a negative impact on the farm business and may be outside of the farmers control such as: 

  • Soil Quality 
  • Climate Change 
  • Adverse Weather Conditions 
  • Government Reforms 
  • Market Uncertainty  
  • Rural Crime 
  • Lack of farm works/labourers
  • Problems with weeds, disease or pests
  • Media/social media mis-representation of farming

If you are facing any of these concerns in your farm business please call our Support Line on 0800 138 1678 and we can discuss potential options. 


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