HSENI backs Rural Support with New Helpline Number

Jude McCann, Rural Support Chief Executive and Keith Morrison, HSENI Chief Executive

HSENI Chief Executive, Keith Morrison recently attended the Social Farming celebration event ‘Growth and Next Steps’ in Loughry College, Cookstown and had this to say about Rural Support and their new Freephone Helpline:

“ Rural Support delivers a vital service to the farming community by providing help, advice and support to those in the community who are facing significant challenges. The Freephone number is a particularly important way for those in farming to seek help especially when they are facing major difficulties.

HSENI fully supports the extremely important work undertaken by Rural Support and has assisted in relation to delivering health and safety training to farmers who support social farming, which is an innovative use of agriculture to promote therapy, rehabilitation, social inclusion, education and social services in rural areas.

To be able to speak to someone who understands the problems that the farming community is facing and to hear the voice of a reassuring person who can provide clear guidance cannot be underestimated, especially when members of the farming industry are concerned about many issues including mental health, financial problems and worries about succession planning.  The new Freephone Helpline will make these services much more accessible to everybody within the farming community”