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Bradkeel Social Farm
  • Address: 58 Glenelly Road, Plumbridge, County Tyrone, BT79 8BN
  • Contact: Mabel & John Campbell
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  • Mobile: 07889042991
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Type of Farm

We farm 60 acres of land and keep 200 breeding Texel/Suffolk and Blackface Horned Sheep including smaller types of animals such as hens, geese, pigs, a few cattle and ponies. The farm is made up of a mixture of mountain and low land fields which are divided into pastures by a combination of stone walls, hedgerows and sheep fencing.


Our farm is situated in the Sperrin Mountains “An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty” three miles from the village of Plumbridge in County Tyrone. We have some of the most stunning views of the countryside from our farm where a sense of space, peace and solitude can be found from its undisturbed and unspoilt nature.We see ourselves as a passionate family with the love for our animals and the care and an appreciation of the land we farm as being very important to us. We produce and finish top quality lambs on a yearly basis. We strive to live a healthy and self-sufficient lifestyle by utilising the resources of our land to include that of growing our own vegetables and potatoes.

Farm Activities Offered To Participants

Sheep & Small Animal Husbandry for example: feeding of animals, mucking out, giving water, picking up eggs, cleaning of eggs, putting straw in hens’ nest and beds. Cleaning yard, help with moving animals from pasture to pasture. Weighing lambs and ear tagging. Tail docking, grooming of ponies, feeding ponies, walking the dog. Preparation of animals for market. Protection of the animal against diseases. Assisting in lambing.Assisting at shearing time and going to the local farmers’ market with stock.

Conservation and care of the land and the environment: i.e. tree planting, fencing, dry stone walling. Building bird boxes for wildlife. Weed control. Tree maintenance.

Horticulture – polytunnel and raised beds: Growing vegetables and potatoes. Planting of seeds, watering, weeding. Gathering potatoes. Digging, hoeing, and thinning of plants, maintenance of tools, sweeping and cleaning area. Keeping check on growth of plants. Selling of produce.

Farm Maintenance: Cleaning of tools. Repairing sheep troughs. The making of new sheep troughs. Making new lambing pens.

About Us

The Campbell family farm has been passed from generation to generation and both owners are self-confessed farmers, determined and passion driven.

Mabel has gained valuable experience from working outside of the home in paid employment from a range of client groups to include people with mental health problems, people with disabilities, older people, youth and vulnerable adults. Through the course of her employment she has provided support and services to families who have been bereaved, injured and traumatised as a result of the troubles here in Northern Ireland. Mabel holds a Diploma in Care Practice and Healing. She is a Certified Life Coach and Reiki Practitioner. Participating on personal development courses throughout her life has helped her grow both spiritually and cognitively. She has skills of working on a one to basis with people and in groups. She has used nature in her work and realise its benefits therapeutically. Mabel believes her essence as a person of being calm, contented and well-grounded will enable her to develop positive relationships with those that will participate in farm related activities offered at the farm.

John has gained many skills over the years from animal husbandry, growing crops and rearing all kinds of animals. He is a true people person and has great patience when it comes to educating people about farming.

Social Farming

Mabel and John were pilot farmers on the Social Farming Across Borders (SoFAB) project between 2013 and 2014. Being connected to nature gives both Mabel and John the motivation and enthusiasm to share and encourage others to enjoy, take pleasure and participate in the activities of the farm.Over the years the family have had regular participants coming to the farm, from students who require experience of animal husbandry to further advance their careers, to cancer patients recovering from illness to individuals who live on their own and also feel isolated within the community. Since the SoFAB project, the Campbell’s have delivered a number of programmes and welcomed a large number of visitors.

For those participating in activities on our farm we will provide a safe, warm and welcoming environment for this experience to happen. Sharing with the family in Home cooked food will enable people to relax and enjoy their visits.

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