Tom and Helen

Tom and Helen are in their late sixties.  Helen called Rural Support for help as Tom had become less able to look after the farm.  The couple were under a lot of stress, the paperwork has fallen behind and a DARD inspection had highlighted some animal welfare issues.

What did Rural Support do?

  • We agreed to meet Tom and Helen at home to get a better understanding of their situation.
  • We looked at the paperwork and helped get it in order and up to date.
  • We guided Helen and Tom to look at how stress was affecting their health and well-being and how they could reduce this stress.
  • We helped the couple come up with options for the farm and arranged for them to have a financial consultation on the costs and income for each option.
  • We signposted to other organisations which checked that Tom and Helen were getting their social security benefit entitlements and that they were receiving support with caring.
  • We stayed in touch to provide support throughout the process.