Mullan’s Farm

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Mullan's Farm
  • Address: 77 Drones Road, Armoy, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, BT53 8UP
  • Contact: Eugene Mullan
  • Phone: 07703125030


Type of Farm

Polled Dorset and rare breed sheep. We keep donkeys too. The farm is 66 acres – ranging in quality from good land to cut over bogland. A distinctive feature of the farm is a Parklands area which has been developed to include buildings such as a traditional homestead, church, blacksmith’s forge, shop, and a school. The Parklands have walkways that make it accessible for all visitors and seating areas to enjoy the views.


In 1998 Eugene bought in 22 acres that lay in to the farm. The quality varied from not great to an area that ‘nobody will ever make land or use of that’. This ‘write-off’ area extended to 7 acres. Those 7 acres have been developed into the Parklands areas and in 2016 are definitely not farmland but a very special area, unique in so many ways.

Farm Activities Offered To Participants

  • Livestock care – feeding and caring for the animals on the farm.
  • Parkland maintenance and development – clearing areas of overgrowth, upkeep of walkways, painting, planting and plant care.
  • Time in a relaxed environment – time is sit back and take it in.

About Us

Eugene Mullan is the farmer and lead for Social Farming. Eugene lives on the farm with his family.

He had this vision to recreate a social infrastructure that mirrors a heritage still remembered but largely lost over the past 50 years. He has put his heart and soul into this – his time, his labour, his skills, and his money. The Parklands was constructed with the intention that one day it could be used by people with mental health problems, learning disabilities or addictions. Now is the time to let this vision, this mission, on the farm, be shared with others.

Eugene has devoted a lot of himself and his family’s time to what he has done. He was convinced that this was a health related option all of twenty years ago – long, long before he knew of Social Farming. It has been a journey for Eugene – sometimes very challenging but it has been and is still part of who he is.

Social Farming

Eugene has a personal and family interest in helping people who are mentally and physically challenged. Eugene was a pilot farm on the Social Farming Across Borders (SoFAB) project between 2013 and 2014. Since then he has welcomed different groups onto the farm and delivered Social Farming taster sessions in 2016.

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