Jude McCann Chief Executive
Jude McCann Chief Executive

Jude is responsible for the overall management of the organisation including fundraising, financial management, monitoring, reporting, day-to-day management, advising the Board and governance.

Deborah Gavin Volunteer and Helpline Co-ordinator / Office Manager
Deborah Gavin Volunteer and Helpline Co-ordinator

Deborah provides day-to-day support to the volunteers and co-ordinates all aspects of the helpline such as volunteer rotas and data recording. She also provides administrative support to the organisation.

Melissa Wylie Outreach and Promotion Officer
Melissa Wylie Programmes Officer

Melissa is tasked with the day to day financial management of the organisation and related financial record keeping.  She assists with the co-ordination of the helpline, answering calls, referral of clients and any subsequent client follow up.  She also assists with promotional and marketing activities.

Clodagh Crowe On Farm Business Support Coordinator
Clodagh Crowe Farm Business Support Service Co-ordinator

Clodagh manages the day-to-day operations of the organisation’s farm business support service.  Clodagh promotes and co-ordinates the initiative across the region.

Aoibeann Walsh Social Farming Service Coordinator
Aoibeann Walsh Social Farming Service Co-ordinator

Aoibeann will further develop the network of providers and users and provide opportunities for individuals to avail of and benefit from Social Farming activities.

Kerri Hughes
Kerri Hughes Communications Officer

Kerri is tasked with co-ordinating our busy programme of outreach activity. She is responsible for the communications, promotional and marketing activities within the organisation.