Social Farming on the BBC

Social Farming featured on Episode 4 of the BBC’s Home Ground programme on Monday 10th April 2017. Home Ground is a rural affairs magazine series celebrating the richness of rural life in Northern Ireland.
In the episode, reporter Ruth Sanderson visited Annagh Social Farm in Derrylin, Co.Fermanagh. There she got to see and hear how Social Farming is offering the opportunity for individuals in need of support to engage in meaningful activities in a socially inclusive, supportive environment. Simon and Jennifer Bullock who own and operate Annagh Social Farm spoke of their desire to provide opportunities in the rural community for individuals needing support.
Matthew and Ben Geddis have been participating in the Social Farming service on Annagh Social Farm and the piece demonstrates the activities that they engage in.
Aoibeann Walsh, Social Farming Service Coordinator in Rural Support, spoke of the need for a sustainable funding and referral model to be developed to support the continued development of Social Farming. This would ensure that individuals who could benefit from participation have the opportunity to do so and also that farmers who want to provide the service would be supported.
To view the piece for a limited time, visit: (piece starts at 14.50).