Rural Support – Help is at Hand

Due to the recent extreme weather events, particularly in the North-West area of the province, Rural Support recognises that the pressure mounting on farmers affected will be increasing in the coming weeks.

Rural Support provides a listening and signposting service for farmers and rural families across Northern Ireland. Rural Support’s volunteers are all from a rural background, with many being retired farmers and individuals who have worked for the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs. Our volunteers understand the emotional drain, technical difficulties and isolation experienced by farming and rural communities, especially in events such as the recent flooding.

Extreme weather events can also lead to financial implications on the farm. Rural Support also offer free, confidential, face to face support from one of our Finance Mentors to analyse your current financial/ farm business position and help identify a way forward beyond the floods.
To speak to someone in confidence contact our helpline on 0845 606 7 607. The helpline is available from 9am to 9pm Monday – Friday (voicemail and support options available at all other times).
Please find below contacts and resources that are in place during this time for assistance:

Rural Support Helpline: 0845 606 7607
NI Direct Flooding Incident Line: 0300 2000 100
DAERA Animal Health and Welfare: 0300 200 7840
NIEA Water Pollution Hotline: 0800 807 060
CAFRE Advisors: 0300 200 7843