Case Studies


John is 40 and is married with two young children. He works as a self-employed joiner and also manages a small farm. He invested a lot on modernising the farm and had hire purchase agreements for machinery as well as bank loans. Due to the economic downturn, John’s income from his joinery business dropped considerably. … Continue reading John

Tom and Helen

Tom and Helen are in their late sixties.  Helen called Rural Support for help as Tom had become less able to look after the farm.  The couple were under a lot of stress, the paperwork has fallen behind and a DARD inspection had highlighted some animal welfare issues. What did Rural Support do? We agreed … Continue reading Tom and Helen


Andrew is 50 and lives on a farm with his elderly mother. His mother has had several strokes the last of which has rendered her incapable of looking after herself. She needs to be cared for on a full-time basis and Andrew is finding it very difficult to cope. He contacted Rural Support as he … Continue reading Andrew